The Blender Freelance Colaboration

Website coming soon (When we're not so obscenely busy)

The Blender Freelance Colaboration (BFC) is a loose group of expert 3D artists from the Blender3D community.
We have teamed up for the soul purpose of offering a wider range of skills and additional manpower to our individual clients.

We are stronger as a team and as such can provide a better service to our customers.

Yes, we are busy, but we are still oporational and ready to take new clients.
If you require a high end 3D graphic artist, animator or coder please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can (usually same day with the exception of weekends).

Thank you for your interest.

Stuart Hooper.
Project administrator.

Blender Freelance ltd. 07486447 (England and Wales)

In no particular order: A few samples

Our dragon Icon

Art, just for the sake of it

Character design (work in progress but nearing completion)

L115A3 rifle (Game mesh)

Bathroom test scene (incomplete)

Product render

Ski goggle renders for Panda Optics

Product render

Set of game ready human meshes with interchangable parts

Ring sizing guide

Product render

But is it art?

Logo for AutoDJ

Sample from dressing guide

Why not?

Automatic rock generator

Fantasy medieval character

Really?... 'All' humans?

Product render, Quick test

The Blender3D logo rendered as a clock

What I had in my pockets on a slow day

Your guess is as good as mine, but it is pretty

Sniper character for game

Virtual scenery

Architectural concept

Structural preview from CAD drawings

"Come on, universe, you big, mostly empty wuss! Give me all the juice you got!"